Hello, my name is Amanda.

My life on the internet via my own website began in 2013. This is my very first post and what was the beginning of a transformation that put me where I am and made me who I am today. I grew up in a small town where I didn’t fit in. I was desperate to get out and my first experience doing so on my own was going to Los Angeles. It was a true dream at the time. I was in love with LA from afar and longed to live there some day. So when I got the opportunity to go with a couple of friends in March 2013 I knew I couldn’t say no. Coming back from California to my small hometown in Pennsylvania was devastating for me. I had what we’ll call a quarter life crisis and quit my job a month after I got home. My job where I worked so hard and wanted so badly to get promoted and I finally did a bit before the trip was something I couldn’t stand the thought of doing after getting back. And just like that I was jobless, which was totally my choice and what I needed to do at the time to gather myself together and figure things out. A month after my last day of work I came across a yoga training led by Strala Yoga coming up in September and knew that I had to do it. There was no other option or thought in my mind. I signed up the next day with the help of my parents who graciously loaned me the money for the training. After that things started to fall into place. By the time July rolled around I was a gluten-free vegan who was working at a small yoga studio. I was feeling better than ever before both physically and mentally. Practicing yoga, running, eating healthy after living my whole life as a very picky junk food eater, and working at a yoga studio. I couldn’t believe what my life had become in a few short months. September came fast enough and off to NYC I went for my yoga training. In those two months I fell completely in love with NYC and became a Yoga Guide.

From there my story ebbs and flows like they do, I taught yoga for a while and then I didn’t and I went back and forth between teaching and not while working other “day jobs” to get me by. During this time I was also running this site and sharing gluten-free and vegan recipes as I quickly transformed into a recipe blogger. I loved it. I was so passionate about it. And then I got sick and it all fell apart.

I’ve always had stomach issues. That’s the reason that I went gluten-free and then vegan as well. At first I thought I was completely cured forever and ever of my stomach problems from following a clean and healthy gluten-free vegan diet. That was true for two years. But three years in things took a turn for the worse and that was no longer the case. My problems started to come back and along with them came new ones. I started to get stricter with my diet and tried all kinds of elimination diets on my own without success. Then 2018 rolled around and I got even worse. At this time I started to see other bloggers stepping away from veganism and reintroducing animal products into their diets for health reasons. I was interested in what they were saying but couldn’t fathom ever stepping away from veganism. No way, I was vegan for life. Or so I thought. As 2018 went on and I started spending TONS of money on functional medicine doctors and supplements to follow crazy protocols they put me on and that caused me to start to question veganism on a deeper level. I emailed the other bloggers who reincorporated animal products and talked to them privately which was exactly what I needed to eventually do that myself. As this was all happening things with my recipe blogging completely unravelled. I walked away from it and this website completely for what was almost a year.

In October 2018 I reincorporated animal products and started my path toward health. Stepping away from recipe blogger life for so long has made me come to realize that I have a greater message to share.

Today I’m here to help you live your best life through yoga, mindful expression, creativity, and sustainable practices. I’m taking everything I’ve learned and experienced and putting it all here to share with you in hopes of helping you to live a more intentional and divine life.